Thursday, September 3, 2015

We've lived in Florida for the past two years.  Only now have I been unpacking boxes to clear the room that will be wet darkroom in a month or so.  In one jumbled pile of stuff that must have been dumped from a drawer, I found a roll of exposed film that was unlabeled, so I developed it last night.  Below, is one of the four images it held.  I think I remember where I took this, and I remember it fondly...a little park a few miles from my NY home that was a memorial to a departed child.  Odd to be posting 'ice' in early September here with a predicted high of 90 degrees.  (Film)


DEH said...

Very nice high-key image. Something we don't see very often here in Florida;-(
On the Mac it shows as with a slightly warm-tone while on my Windows laptop it shows as cool-tone. How would you print it, and what mat color?

John Voss said...

Thanks, D. To resemble a 'real' print toned in thiocarbamide and selenium, I gave this scan a very slight warm color in PS that Susan tells me looks like my chemical toninng. Interesting to think about a mat color as it matter most if this were part of a series of snow and ice themed photographs. Obviously, a darker mat might make the image 'pop' more than a white one would, but I'd have to have help with that choice as my color sense is minimal.