Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm beginning to be aware of an attraction to the marshes here that I never expected would occur.  That impetus arises from visiting them frequently.  Between tidal fluctuations, and the glorious parade of clouds, there is a lot to savor that is constantly in transition.  Here are two more from Cedar Creek Preserve.  The first is titled "Six Posts, One Buzard".   The critter ignored me utterly, and I was much closer to him than the way this appears as I was using a very wide angle lens.  But his quarry was no mystery...the smell was not subtle!  (Film)


DEH said...

Cedar Point and Pumpkin Hill Preserves are great locations for marsh imagery. These images appear to be taken near the Cedar Point boat ramp. If you walk to your right (facing the creek), there is an old fish camp area with some of the old structure still in place. The southern section of the preserve includes a 2-story tabby house site (possibly early Broward homesite).

John Voss said...

Yes, D, I was by the boat ramp and also walked near the fish camp where I took the lonely tree picture. I'm not happy with what I took at Pumpkin Hill, but there's half a roll from there still in camera that may have something worthwhile on it. It's just so damn hot that I don't feel like going back there until there's a break. Thank you for commenting.