Friday, July 17, 2015

Having found this wonderful island preserve, I will continue to visit it when the tide time, and sky offer variety as will often be the case.   It's only about a half hour away or less, and easy to get to.  For those who care about such things, this was taken using a deep yellow filter (Wratten #15), and a Cokin GND (graduated neutral density square glass filter that slides into a holder that attaches to the lens.).  The deep yellow holds back the blue sky without the surreal look of a red #25 filter, but still offers drama.  The GND reduces the light in the brightest part of the scene so that the film (or sensor too, I guess for a digicam) can register all the values.    (Film)


dvoss said...

Wow! Same view with incredibly dramatic clouds. I would do a series from that view. Glad you found this place.

John Voss said...

Thanks, Dottie. I am doing a series from here...went back again this morning. The permutations of tide, time of day, and sky make it a rich subject.