Saturday, June 13, 2015

The word 'clabbered' is new to me.  It means mottled, and in this case it refers to a buttermilk sky.  I wasn't even exactly sure what a buttermilk sky was until I saw this and figured it must be one.  As I've noted, the sky here can offer an endless display of interesting cloud forms except on the all too often boringly bright, clear, blue, cloudless days. Florida is not called the sunshine state without reason.  I prefer clouds!  (Film)


dvoss said...
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Mark hesselink said...


There is as much music in your art, as there is art in your music.
You gave me such a love for both as my teacher many years ago.
Although I no longer am a cellist on a cello, I am one on a violin.
Thanks so much for all you gave me at the Settlement so many years ago as a child.
The skills that you imbedded in me have stayed with me through out the years, and hopefully will continue to flourish for many more to come.
I also extend greetings from Luis Leguia.

John Voss said...

Geez, Mark...what a wonderfully kind thing for you to say. Thank you very much. You've reminded me of an era that's long gone, but happily remembered. And best to Luis as well.

dvoss said...

Very beautiful photos

John Voss said...

Thank you, Dottie.