Wednesday, April 1, 2015

There are several interesting parks that front on the ocean in this northeast corner of  Florida.   I've posted several images from Big Talbot Island State Park before, but none from Huguenot Memorial Park which is where the two photographs below were made. The park is essentially a huge array of dunes that are roped off and patrolled by rangers to protect the nesting grounds of a variety of sea birds.  But, between the dunes and the sea is a vast beach that permits vehicle access and is quite popular with visitors who sun  themselves, picnic, and bathe in the ocean never very far away from their cars.  (Film)


dvoss said...

Nice images. I particularly like the cloud going over the dune. Glad to see you working it again.

John Voss said...

Thanks, Dottie. I went back again today and got maybe one or two more that I think I will like.