Thursday, November 20, 2014

The area of Jacksonville where I live has quite a few corporate parks.  They're landscaped to a fare thee well, but not very interesting to photograph (and...I've tried...a lot!) as the design isn't from nature, but from an architect.  All the housing and corporate developments built in the last several decades are required to include retention ponds to compensate for the acres covered by buildings and pavement.  The effect is nicely verdant with trees, shrubs and ponds, but not visually compelling.  This little tree was difficult to isolate, and it's the best I could do with it.  (film)


DEH said...

Not too far from you is Freedom Commerce Center, which thanks to the Sierra Club has much of the original area retained. Its the headwaters for two streams (Pottsburg & Julington creeks); and has a 200 year old oak near the entrance. Unlike the manicured commercial parks such as Gate parkway, the FCC is photogenic and a good walk (I use to work in the area).

John Voss said...

WOW!! Thanks, D!! I'll git meself there forthwith!