Friday, October 10, 2014

I didn't realize scenes like this still existed.  I thought laws protecting the environment from this kind of air pollution (and, some fog as well) had put an end to it, but, apparently not.  This is a Georgia Pacific paper mill belching out smoke and steam on a bright October weekday morning just outside of Brunswick, Georgia.  It's going to get worse if the forces of stupidity and greed trying to roll back environmental regulations have their way in Congress.


DEH said...

Nice image. Like the fog in foreground. For clouds, though, I've been using Ilford SFX 200 (or a red filter).
When I first moved to Jacksonville, we still had one of those paper mills. The smell on the Northside was almost as bad as a landfill. Given the right-wing climate that seems to be in the ascendancy, we're liable to trade a healthy environment for bad-paying jobs. Short sighted.

John Voss said...

Too true, D. I confess to this being a digital snap on my p&s, but the film version will be developed as soon as I can get to it.