Sunday, May 18, 2014

During my rainy day trip to Kingsley, I exposed two rolls of film.  When I posted the two pictures last Thursday, May 15th, I had not developed the second roll.  That was accomplished yesterday, and I like some of those images more than the others.  So, I'm posting a new one, and a different (wider) view of what I posted before that I think I like better.  If this were a website and not a blog, of course, I'd only post the one I preferred, but you may be interested in seeing both and making your own choice.

Ultimately, I'll have to choose the best of all I take during the year, and they will comprise the series I'll try to do something with.  I was beginning to think I'd end up repeating a lot of ideas, but each time I visit, I see something I hadn't seen before.  I want to go again when there's a lot of rain to explore one of those new ideas that didn't get photographed last week, but did get noticed.


dvoss said...

I like the photo looking through two windows to the road posts. This series is interesting. Happy for you.

John Voss said...

Thanks. I expect this series to continue for a while if I can avoid repetition.