Saturday, November 23, 2013

North Florida is quite different from the southern part of the state.  I suppose people headed to Miami on I 95 think they've arrived at last when they cross the border from Georgia, but they're mistaken.  They actually have most of another day's drive to get where they're going.  The Jacksonville area may be subtropical, but it gets quite cold for a number of weeks in winter, and during this autumn has been very comfortable a lot of the time.  It's amusing to witness natives "freezing" when the air is in the 50's, but, in time, my blood will have adapted to this place, and I'll be whining about the "cold" too!!  Nonetheless, on November 22nd, I was really hot after a quarter mile hike to beach access at Big Talbot SP, and couldn't help thinking of 'home' where the high was in the upper 40's.

There are fewer iconic locales in this area than in other parts of the state, but this is one of the few that's celebrated.  Big Talbot Island State Park is famous for the driftwood and fallen trees that litter its beach.  This photograph doesn't do justice to fallen timbers, but they will be represented here soon.  I can't wait to return!!!


Donna Luker said...

Love the glistening sand. I would've guessed lake instead of ocean with that calm water. I've been looking at that area north of the river thinking I need to make it up there. Now it's really tantalizing! Looking forward to seeing more of the area from you.

John Voss said...

Thank you, Donna. As I wrote above the photograph, Big Talbot is one of few iconic sites around's well worth the drive, as are other places along the road out to there, and a bit beyond as well.