Thursday, November 21, 2013

Am I living the 'salt life'?   I just can't get enough of the coast.   The rhythms of the surf are hypnotic both when relatively calm, and when wind whipped and roiling!  As some of the recent posts here can attest, there is interesting light at all times of day whether in full sun or overcast.  The ocean's tidal pulse is fascinating in its gentler moments, and truly compelling in its surging power during and after storms.  Sometimes, there is less to photograph than to just savor and enjoy.  It's easy to walk on wet sand and let thoughts come and go as they will while always mindful of the ocean alongside.  In most places that I'm aware of on the Atlantic coast, dunes are protected and sea oats are illegal to pull or disturb.  Nesting areas for turtles and birds are also given sanctuary from the inquisitive and acquisitive passer-by.  In the 'off' season, the seaside is just a wonderful place to be!


anggi pradiska abadi said...

abrasi, visit me guys

John Voss said...

I've published your comment, Anggi, despite the fact that I do not understand Indonesian, and there's no embedded English translator. I hope your comment is a nice one, and you get the visits you are requesting.