Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I've been going to the ocean every day that the weather and tide has allowed (I prefer to be there at low tide when the sand is easy to walk on, and the beach is widest.)  I plan to ride my mountain bike there tomorrow...the sand is perfect for it, and bikes are a common sight.  But, making interesting photographs isn't simple.  Despite the daily variations of the sky, sea, and surf, image worthy moments can't be expected as often as I would like.  Storms help, as does moonlight, fog, and large areas of glistening wet sand, however those are hardly frequent occurences.  But, now that the weather isn't so bitchin' wicked hot, I don't feel reluctant to pack the camera and tripod just in case.  This photograph was made at the same time the one of mostly sky and clouds below was taken.


jono said...

You really capture beautiful skies...beautifully!

John Voss said...

Thanks, Jono. This is fairly close to where you stayed when you were here.