Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am really getting sick of the weather in Florida.  I'm a northeasterner, and by now in New York the temperatures are at least twenty degrees cooler than in Jacksonville.  And the humidity...well...the words for that are not suitable for this blog.  BUT....I am told I will really enjoy being here in the later autumn and winter when it's frigid, and icy/snowy at 'home'.  Really?  And this yech is the penance I have to pay for that to happen?   *&%*&^)*&*^%!!!!!!!!'s a photograph from last winter that I don't think I ever posted before.  It just makes me feel better to look at it.  It's......cold!!!  


dvoss said...

Yes It's nice today, but I would like to spend the winter in the warmth of Jacksonville. It's an been an early Fall. The squirrels are in heaven, dropping half eaten acorns on cars and heads. Hang in there John. You'll probably get 7 months of gorgeous weather. I miss you.

Peter said...

I live in Westchester County, NY and although it can be a real hassle at times to live in the NE, I have never been able to adjust to Florida.
The only good weather is when you are down there reading about a massive snow storm up here. By the way, the Hudson Valley is quite beautiful at the moment.

John Voss said...

Thanks, Dottie. Today was actually tolerable, and highs this week are only in the mid 80's which is a relief. Still, I wanted to spend an autumn where I lived with the luxury of retirement time to indulge in photography, hiking or whatever else.

Yes, Peter, it will be wonderful to be wearing a light jacket when 'home' is digging out of a 48 inch snowfall like we have had for the last several years on occasion. Besides, Jax is NOT south Florida with its yet more tropical weather. I'll get used to this. BUT, I insist on grumbling because I can! lol!!

Amarildo Correa said...


Congratulations for your artwork, it is an inspiration to me.

Regards from Brazil,

Amarildo Correa

John Voss said...

Thank you, Amarildo. I'm pleased you've enjoyed what you've seen here.