Monday, July 15, 2013

I often come across blogs that are undertaken with great promise and ambition only to wither after a little while as the burden of creating interesting posts becomes onerous.  The last entry might be two years old, and there's not much likelihood of there ever being another.  This blog, however, will begin a period of hibernation for a different reason.  We are in the throes of moving house and home a thousand miles to the south, and all of what I use for photography is now in boxes and awaits reemergence there sometime in late summer or early autumn.  It's depressing to leave this region that I have deeply loved for decades having learned its rhythms and vocabulary.  But, where we're going isn't Siberia, and the upside is that I have a vast new territory to discover.  Check back here again in September, and see what's going on.  Oh, and by the way, I will have a LOT of time for making photographs then having just retired from more than 40 years of teaching.  I may make a new post every week!  ;-)))

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Gail said...

Safe travels my friend, and enjoy your retirement :-)