Friday, November 23, 2012

Now and then I revisit really old work to see how it looks years later.  The upper of these two images is one of the first photographs I made that I liked well enough to print and show.  I had very little experience printing and even less mounting and matting let alone scanning and presenting on line.  Still, I was happy with what I had learned to do.  It was well received on the critique forum that I posted it to.

When I began making prints in the late 90's I printed on RC (resin coated) paper, and hadn't a clue about toning nor thought it was even necessary.  Apparently I reconsidered soon thereafter, because this is a scan of a print made on FB (fiber based) paper, and is fairly presentable.  At the time I only made prints in sizes that would fit pre-cut mats whether the image was best suited to that size or not.

But the second image takes advantage of a dozen years of experience with a negative I might not even consider making today.  It's cropped and toned, and eliminates areas that are extraneous to the point of the picture which is the silvery banks of the little stream.  As I now cut my own mats, the picture is cropped to best suit the image, and is easy to mount in whatever dimensions that crop may dictate.  I, of course, prefer that latter one, but other viewers may think the original vision is best.  However, it's out of my hands now; let the viewer choose the former, the latter or neither!  ;-)

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Susan Quin Byrd said...

Hello John, I really enjoyed viewing your sepia colored images. The foggy photos were so lovely and peaceful. I also like the square crops. You asked for comments on the stream with tree reflections two prints. For my preference between the B/W portrait style and the sepia square crop, I agree with you and prefer the sepia one. It is amazing how peaceful and beautiful your images are. Thanks for sharing. My images are mostly processed in color but you have inspired me to create a soft sepia series. You should submit your images posted in your blog here with the descriptions to editor/ photographer Gary Gray who started a new eMagazine called . It is published quarterly with the 3rd issue coming out in July 2013. You could be the featured photographer for an issue as I was for the first one this past Jan 2013 or as a contributor. Tell Gary I recommended you contact him to submit your Blog series. Check out the current April Issue and the archived Jan issue. My featured images were Western and horses. Now I am a contributor in the 'articles' section with postprossing and redefining images onto fine art. Your work is different than others and should be well received. I would appreciate you contacting me and letting me know what you do. Good luck.