Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've not posted here for a longer interval than I like to allow, but there's just not been worthy work to offer.  What's below is an image from 2010 that I haven't cared much for because I hadn't figured out how to render it until now.  What you see is a digital approximation of what I soon will do in the darkroom that I expect will satisfy me.  It's interesting to reflect on the creative process that, for me, involves a non-linear progression from the inception of an idea to its' final rendering months, and even years later.


Sam I Am...... said...

You must be VERY patient! I can't wait to finish something and bask in the feeling of having created it! LOL! Don't get me wrong though...I don't "finish" a lot of things.
I viewed some of your other photos and 1) I love black and white, 2) your style reminds me of Ansel Adams whose photos I love and 3) I have never taken to art in paintings like I do to photos. Pictures take me there to a time and/or place and I can get lost in them but not in paintings. Must be something in my DNA that's missing but I LOVE photos and many of yours! My favorite so far is the one with the cross but I haven't looked at all of them yet!
Thanks for sharing them. IMHO you are VERY talented! Is this what you do for a living? I'll be back!

John Voss said...

Thank you, Sam. No, I don't do this for a living which is why I enjoy it so much! LOL!!!