Monday, May 23, 2011

The town we live closest to doesn't have enough of the charm that other nearby places do.  In the middle and latter part of the 20th century, too much was torn down and replaced by characterless, modern storefronts and shopping venues.  Nonetheless, some of the town's ancestry remains on a few streets that have preserved their late 19th century flavor. However, there is one wonderful asset that is about a mile and a quarter around, and that is the Goose Pond park.  At all hours of the day people walk or run around it on the encircling footpath.  Serious joggers in spandex and tank tops pass very conservatively dressed Chassidic men and women with their strollers. In fact,  all manner of people seem to love the place (as do I). 

In the warmer seasons, the two halves of the pond (there is a street that divides it) are aerated to help keep the mosquitoes down, and a dredger pulls copious water grass out as well.  Early this past Saturday morning I visited with the camera, and these are what I came away with.

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