Monday, June 30, 2008

I needed to take a walk today (June 30th), so I strapped the Shen-Hao kit on my back and headed up the Goose Pond Mountain SP trail from LaRoe Road. I had seen this little woodland detail a while ago, so I knew what I was looking for. I made four exposures...two with the 210mm Nikkor, and one with the 250mm Fujinon. This is the latter, and though the difference between the two lenses is slight, I liked this somewhat tighter approach better. It's a great privilege to live so near such a gem of a state park, and I am always very happy to spend time there.


Greg said...

Very nice image John. Certainly one of the challenges we face in the woods of the Northeast is dealing with the very busy landscapes. Your image really takes the chaos and organizes it in a way that is very appealing and easy to access.

Gail said...

John,my friend,you left this on my blog:
"The other thing that I thought was kinda cool was your reference to cellists. Well, that's what I am, and a music teacher as well."

I know you've had a lot of students over the years,so you probably don't remember me..but I was your student @ Monroe Woodbury in the 70's and took private lessons from you :o) I thank You every Day of my adult life for the things you taught me,and my cello is my passion [along with a few other things :o)]I remember you conducting us with a lit cigarette in Brigadoon,and when the lights came up you had a gorilla mask on,I almost fell outta my chair :o)I thought you'd retired to Arizona with your photography,I didn't know you were still around.I still have 2 black and whites you did for me,both at all-state.You rock,you always have,and you always will :o)I have only the fondest memories of,and the best wishes for you.[and the pic on my blog?That's my bathroom and my cello,ain't I polite?? :o)]
Gail Hilton Nagle