Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The gallery that represents my wife and me has moved to an historic new location. It's the Patchett House, built in the early 19th century, and occupied variously as a home, an inn, and...a funeral home...yikes! (yes, there'll be ghost tours in October at Halloween time!) Here's a link with a color picture of the building.
It is beautifully restored, and I took myself there yesterday afternoon (June 17th) to see what I could do with the interior photographically. I've never done much architectural work, and using the appropriate movements proved to be a challenge, but I'm fairly pleased with this staircase photograph. There's simply no way it could have been made without a view, or film, getting this much depth of field wouldn't have been possible any other way. I actually went a bit beyond the limit of front fall and rear rise as there's a bit of darkening in the lower right hand corner....but it'll just be our one else will notice...okay?

This is a very big crop of a 4x5 negative that didn't interest me much except in this small area. The distortion is due to the ancient rolled glass. It's a view from one of the gallery rooms looking out to the rear of the building where there is an enormous copper beach tree that's probably a good deal older than the Patchett House itself. I think it is going to be considered for landmark status as well as the house which already is on the national register.


Robert said...

Great work John. I visit your blog frequently. Keep up the good work!!


John Voss said...

Hey, thanks Robert! I wondered who the person from Hawaii whose visits show up on Google Analytics might be, and it turns out to be yourself. Thanks for taking the time to look. When I win the lottery, we'll visit and hang out a bit.