Thursday, December 13, 2007

This past Monday, December 10th, we had a small scale ice storm. The ice melted from the roads and driveway, but the persistent fog froze on every tree limb and twig. This is, again, taken from our back deck. It's a crop from a 4x5 negative that seemed to retain the essentials while eliminating the busyness of what was there. I also like the dominant gray. (There is a bare minimum of PS here....just some sharpening, although the negative is tack sharp, and a very small levels adjustment.)


Steve Indvik said...

Hi John,
I haven't logged in for a while - busy with work (sigh). Lately I've been thinking about the psychological effect of the square format vs 8x10. For this, your site is wonderful! Lots of excellent photos in the same style in both formats. I find that the square format triggers in me an expectation of heightened tension, perhaps something gone awry. The 8x10 format is initially more harmonious. But either format may resolve into the opposite.
Sorry for rambling on. I really like your photos!

John Voss said...

Thank you, Steve.

I, too, detect an emotional distinction between the square and the 8x10 rectangle. I get a sense of greater serenity, balance, and order with the latter (in landscape scenes only) and a bit more "excitement" I suppose with the former. I've no idea why this seems to be so. In any event, I don't choose one or the other haphazardly. I also seem to be very reluctant to crop a square image into a rectangle, or square up an image from a 4x5 negative, although the photograph to which this comment is appended is one of those very rare was taken with a 4x5 camera, and cropped as you see it.

Thanks again for commenting. John