Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This past Sunday (September 9th '07) was hot, humid and utterly unwelcoming for outdoor adventures. Nonetheless, I took the C220 for a walk at Goose Pond Mountain SP and found these photographs. The wildflowers were so intense and amazing I actually wished I were shooting color film, but I'm happy with what I have nonetheless. I met some nice people there as well, one of whom had actually been born in the house that the park ranger now resides in. It was fascinating to hear his account of the history of this place. He regrets with some bitterness the way New York State took over the land by imposing eminent domain, but glad developers didn't turn it into one more hideous mall had the landowners sold it off privately. I was happy that I could walk the many acres of parkland and not be trespassing on anyone's private property.

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