Sunday, February 28, 2016

I am beginning to find order in the chaos of Florida's cypress swamps and near jungle-like vegetation.  It's a hugely different visual vocabulary from what I learned to 'see' in New York.  I've posted a number of photographs on this blog that I found away from the ocean and beaches which are so much easier to embrace.  This is one of them on the vast campus of the University of North Florida where I now teach as an adjunct...a way to still be of use in retirement.


DougH said...

My understanding is that the area called "Sawmill Slough" was named for a sawmill located either on the dammed wetland/lake or somewhat downstream. The area was heavily logged for old cypress. The 500 year old cypress that still remains was spared because it was actually 2 cypress growing together; and trying to cut it would have dulled their blades. All the trails thru the area should prove photogenic for you while teaching at the school.

John Voss said...

Thank you, Doug. The trails at UNF are extensive and I will explore them all eventually.