Sunday, February 28, 2016

I am beginning to find order in the chaos of Florida's cypress swamps and near jungle-like vegetation.  It's a hugely different visual vocabulary from what I learned to 'see' in New York.  I've posted a number of photographs on this blog that I found away from the ocean and beaches which are so much easier to embrace.  This is one of them on the vast campus of the University of North Florida where I now teach as an adjunct...a way to still be of use in retirement.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The St. John's River is home to the Mayport Naval Base, and a huge and growing commercial port for container ships and other freighters.  But, it is also host to quite a few commercial fishing enterprises, particularly shrimpers.  I posted a photograph of this pier a while ago sans ship when the tide was in.  Obviously, the tire and other debris lodged in the mud indicate low tide for this photograph.  Some might feel the debris sullies the image, but I will disagree.  This is the reality of a working waterway that gets some pretty heavy use.  It isn't always pretty!  (Film)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I developed a roll of film from a camera I've not used in weeks in favor of a much older one that uses a square format, and no battery.  I was surprised to find this there...I had no immediate recall of having taken it.  Of late, I've been attempting to add haiku to images that I think can benefit.  Doing so often explains some of the reason I took the picture in the first place.

                                                            In gathering dark
                                                            A brilliant halo of light
                                                            graces an islet. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

I love my state parks pass because it feels like every visit is free, and I can go as often as I like.  It's not free, of course, but if I go a lot it more than pays for itself.  Last week I went out with my camera to photograph in one place and ended up in another...Little Talbot SP.  These are two photographs from the far end of the beach.  Across the way is the U.S. Naval base at Mayport.  Sometimes warships clutter the view, but not on this day.  (Film)