Friday, September 18, 2015

There is a beautiful area on the coast that's new to me, Hanna Park.  It's fee based (as are all the SPs in this area I think), but it's worth it.  There are 20 miles of trails to hike or mountain bike though that mileage is achieved by a lot of switchbacking loops.  It's also right beside Mayport Naval Base that is home to aircraft carrier sized ships and a Naval Air Station.  Had I turned my camera 90 degrees to the left, the ocean view would have included a warship heading out to sea.  I'll be back for more as soon as the weather becomes less rainy.  (Film)


dvoss said...

I can't tell what the weather was like that day. Was it after a storm? There is an inviting harmony and gentleness to the reeds, sky, water and beach. Many of your Florida landscapes have showgirl cloud formations that demand my attention and admiration.This photo lets me feel the place, as if I am there, standing on the sand. Nice work.

John Voss said...

Yes, it had fact it rained pretty much the entire day and was still spitting a bit. This is a new place to me, and I want to go back often. Thanks for looking and for your comment. Btw, the reeds are called sea oats and are zealously protected as they hold the dunes in place. It is forbidden to walk on them or disturb them in any way.