Saturday, September 26, 2015

It rained the day before I made these photographs, but the sky remained sullen.  The ocean was also in a terrible mood hurling itself on the beach in a tantrum.  Not to be upstaged, the wind whipped water into froth and sand into stinging splatter. I kept forgetting to turn my peaked cap around when facing the wind so off it would go. I quickly developed Medusa hair chasing it.  It's also true that eyeglasses and camera lenses are inclined to attract vapor (thankfully, the camera ones have clear, protective filters). With all the cap chasing and glass cleaning, it's a wonder I had a moment to make a photograph.

The air was on the cusp of feeling cool, and on such a day at this particular state park, I was reminded of Cape Cod. It's the Atlantic Ocean's seashore in both places, and the dunes and flora are not too distant in character. In Florida, though, if I fail to dodge an aggressive wave, my toes don't suffer frostbite.  (Film)


DEH said...

Little Talbot Isl. usually has some photogenic debris scattered along the beach especially after a storm.
And if you go North along the beach (or take the dune trail), where the two meet there are normally some larger driftwood as well as a good photo backdrop.
Even further North is Bird Island though access is restricted (a major nesting area).

John Voss said...

Thanks,D. I'll check out what you've suggested.