Saturday, September 19, 2015

I always try to develop film on the same day I expose it, but sometimes I don't finish the roll then.  When I do, it often holds pictures made in another place at a later time..  This photograph was taken on September 14th, but developed yesterday.   It's a view from a bluff at Big Talbot Island SP that used to have a wooden stairway to the beach below.  But, the storms that caused the scores of trees on the beach to fall also destroyed the stairway.  Now, people walk around a fence intended to keep them back from the edge and clamber down a steep embankment.  I did walk around the fence, but did not descend to the beach.  (Film)


dvoss said...

This is another photo that I find interesting. I can't tell what kind of weather you are experiencing. It seems both sunny and stormy. What is that on the horizon line? It looks like waves breaking. Is it a sandbar? Florida is so moody.

John Voss said...

Thanks, Dotty. The weather that day was just beautiful with high, fleecy clouds. I darkened the blue sky with a deep yellow filter and burned it a bit as well so it would be a little more dramatic. Yes, what you see at the horizon is a sandbar. It, and it's buddies that you can't see are what keep the shore free of waves.