Thursday, August 27, 2015

I've been utterly seduced by the marsh at Cedar Creek.  I could return endlessly and find nuanced variations of photographs I've already taken over and over again.  I'll try not to indulge that impulse.  Here's one from yesterday.  (Film)

Update:  I posted an earlier version of this with a wider view that included part of some trees on the right, but all of the cloud on the right.  This is a revision without the trees.  I can live without the entire cloud.   This way also keeps the eye more centered which, I think, is better. 


DEH said...

Very nice.
Wonder though if image was wider (eg, 4X5)that tree on right would not be cropped. Just a thought.

John Voss said...

Thank you, D. The negative includes the uncropped tree on the right, but I decided to leave it out to favor the center of the image. Thanks for looking!