Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Many of the places I visit with a camera don't change much until there's a new season.  Yes, light varies during the day, as do clouds and weather, but those changes don't necessarily invite a photograph.  A tidal salt marsh is much more active.  There's less wind on the water, so it's often reflective.  The mud at low tide is filled with detail.  As the water ebbs and flows, it creates its own patterns.  There are myriads of gorgeous birds who are at home there. Plus, the light, clouds and weather are just as varied as anywhere else.  So it's not surprising that I will frequently return to certain places in search of the interplay of those elements.  Here's a pier and gazebo that are often the hang of fishermen and crabbers.  Though this shot is moody, the place is attractive in nearly any light.  You'll likely see it again here.   (Film)

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