Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I've found very few places in north Florida where a sense of grandeur can include the land as well as the sky.  I'm using 'grandeur' in the majestic sense since some would consider a vast salt marsh to be 'grand' as well just because it's so enormous.  But, my life in the northeast has prejudiced me to regard 'flat' as the antithesis of anything that thrills and inspires.  But, once again, Huguenot SP came through with its marvelous dunes which, on the day I made this photograph, were graced by enough of a dramatic sky to warrant attention.   (Film)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

One of the nicest things about the Jacksonville area is that the beaches are easy to access, free of user fees or parking permits, and public.  In fact the free parking lots have porta-potties making their use even more convenient.  This photograph was made in the area I come to most often, and always is interesting.  I usually see fishing poles rooted in the sand with their lines extending into the water as far as the fishermen can cast them.  But, I've never seen a fish reeled in though I guess they must be getting caught as the fishermen return again and again.  (Film)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The beach at Big Talbot Island SP is littered with trees and tree limbs that are not washed ashore driftwood, but are native to the place.  The wind, surf, storms, and tide take their toll on the trees too near the water, and little by little they succumb and topple onto the sand.  It would be fascinating to come back a century from now to see what's left of the parts I am familiar with...but, hehe..that ain't gonna happen.  However, photographs will inform those who do visit a hundred years hence of how much has been claimed by the sea.  Of course, there may not be much left of Florida altogether as the earth warms, the ice caps and glaciers melt, and the ocean rises.

I did not make this heart, but thought it deserved a picture before the incoming tide made it a memory.   (Film)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Again, from Huguenot State Park,  I explored the west side of the dunes on foot this time.  The dunes are quite spectacular and off limits to those who would disturb their nesting grounds.  But, even from the 'road' around them, there is much to see and photograph.  I wanted to be there in the afternoon because it was low tide and easy to traverse, and because the sun was to my back and the polarizing filter at its most effective.   (Film)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

This is a photograph I wish I had taken, but my grandson's mom is the guilty party.  The happy little cutie is sitting beside his dad.  He is watching a video of me playing Happy Birthday with some flashy embellishments on my cello for him.  I'm told he watched it several times, and, as this is one of the latter ones, I'm really pleased that he continued to find it entertaining.  Now, if he'll just ask his father to get him cello lessons.  After all, he is now two years old and will soon be about the right age to start on a viola with an end pin!! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

There are several interesting parks that front on the ocean in this northeast corner of  Florida.   I've posted several images from Big Talbot Island State Park before, but none from Huguenot Memorial Park which is where the two photographs below were made. The park is essentially a huge array of dunes that are roped off and patrolled by rangers to protect the nesting grounds of a variety of sea birds.  But, between the dunes and the sea is a vast beach that permits vehicle access and is quite popular with visitors who sun  themselves, picnic, and bathe in the ocean never very far away from their cars.  (Film)