Wednesday, October 15, 2014

After seeing my son in Atlanta, Georgia, the rest of my eleven day trip focused on photography.  I didn't shoot nearly as much as I'd hoped to, but did make a few images that I'm happy with.  This is the film version of the digital image I posted on October 10th.  It's interesting that the aspect ratios of the two pictures are so different.  The digipic is nearly a panorama, while the film image is much less wide (both were cropped a bit on the sides).  Even online, the difference between a hand held p&s image, and one made with a medium format (6x7) film camera on a tripod with an excellent lens is quite obvious to me at least. 


Anonymous said...

This is killer. I mentioned it on your APUG post. I must admit natural landscape is not my true love, so I enjoy seeing your work with more industrial-type subjects.


John Voss said...

Thank you, H. I'm very willing to engage subjects that include the 'hand of man'.