Thursday, December 5, 2013

With all the time I've spent at the beach, almost none has been in the evening.  I took my stepson to his late afternoon lacrosse practice, and took myself to this nearby fishing pier that is the only one on this part of the coast that I know of.  Lacrosse practice or not, I'll be returning more often.  The pastels of evening are too gorgeous to miss, and offer a rare argument to me in favor of making a color photograph.  I despise saturated, hyper-chromatic, high dynamic range imagery, but the gentle, muted, sweet colors of evening suggest a very different mood.  Sadly, I am not gifted with normal color perception, so I rarely try to do work in that medium.  What's presented here is the next best thing I can offer.


Donna Luker said...

Absolutely adore that perfect little cloud above the perfect little dune. Sunsets are definitely beautiful over the Atlantic. I love watching last light/color here.

Just FYI: surf forecast for the whole weekend is "flat." Highest predicted swell is .2." Polar opposite of the high surf (for this area) but could make for some nice sunrise highlights.

John Voss said...

Such a nice comment, Donna. I want to photograph the wonderfully twisted groves of gnarly trees on the west side of A1A in the park area. Morning sun on them will be interesting...fog would be even better. In your county, I think?