Monday, November 4, 2013

Being new to this southern region, I'm having to forge new relationships with the flora of Florida.  I deeply miss the maple trees, and grand pin oaks, day lilies, and other plantings that can't grow here because of the heat.  But, I'm encountering some that I've not seen before, like cypress trees (and cypress knees), loblolly bay trees, and Spanish moss.  I've been told not to handle it, and avoid nasty bugs that get on your skin, but handling it wasn't my ambition in the first place, so I'll have no trouble following that advice.  These two images were taken in a small park near the St. John's River just off San Jose Boulevard.  Finally now, (the beginning of November) the sun is a bit more oblique, and shadows are longer in the morning and afternoon which favor my photographic biases.  I'm told that there will even be reliable morning fog in December.  I'll revisit this place again when those changes are in place. 


Donna Luker said...

ha! I've been working with the moss, too! Is this at Mandarin Park?

Alpine Groves Park is further south on 13. Old citrus plantation on the river. Grand old moss covered trees. I've only been in the morning, but I think late day light will be better. It'll reflect off the river & up into the trees. At least, I think it will.

Tomorrow's surf is supposed to be huge. I'm heading to Vilano Beach for sunrise, then south to finally check out Marineland.

John Voss said...

I hesitated to post this as Spanish moss is as ubiquitous as clouds are, and it's easy to be impatient and not wait until one has something special. But...I'm impatient! Since no one is keeping score, I'm sure I can get away with posting more of this subject especially when fog, and different light change things entirely.

Maybe I'll see you at Vilano beach tomorrow if I drag myself out of bed early enough. Huge surf, big wind, and sunrise sound very tempting!