Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm not finding it particularly easy to adapt to this area visually.  Until the weather changes considerably, and fog, and mist, and some of the other glories of autumn show up (fall color is minimal here, dammit!!) , it will continue to be a rough slog for me, I think.  But, the ocean and beaches are different.  Even when they're not appealing to the camera, they are an appealing place to be in their own right.  For photography, it would be good to be there when there is a lot of silver light on wet sand, or dramatic clouds, or angry  surf.  Last Sunday, I visited the beach near Marineland where there are interesting formations of coquina* that I didn't succeed in photographing well, but at least I thought that the two below of the path to the beach, and the lone rock made the trip worthwhile.

*" Also known as coquina, from the Spanish for cockleshell, Anastasia limestone is composed primarily of shell and coral fragments, fossils and sand. Small fossils are clearly visible in the rock faces, most commonly the shells of small clams and oysters or pieces of a large snail called Busycon."   from the Nature Conservancy's Blowing Rocks Preserve website. 


Donna Luker said...

Look at you finding ROCKS on a beach in Florida!! I've got to go there! Can you share the specific location, please? We've been at far south as Crescent Beach. Looks like a day trip is in order to check these out.

Yes, Florida has a sad excuse for autumn. I dearly miss crisp mornings & glorious fall color. It's nice to be out & about exploring, though, and subtle color can be found. I know you'll find opportunities that fit your shooting style, as you did with these two beauties!

Cheers! Donna

You may find some places of interest here: http://jaxintracoastalpaddling.org Look at the four Preserves under Marina & Park resources, bottom right of the page.

John Voss said...

Donna, if you check Google maps for Marineland, Fl, you can actually see the coquina on the beach just south of the facility. I'm not sure where you are in St. John's, but I doubt it's very far from you. Thank's for stopping by again, and thank you for your kind comment.

John Voss said...

I see where St. John's is. Get on 95 south, and take the exit for Rte 206. Go east about 5 or 6 miles to A1A. Turn right, and head further south. The road goes close to the ocean most of the way, and the Intracoastal is close on the west side of the road. There are low bridges that have concrete protected walkways where people fish and hang out. Might be fun to walk out on one and see what your camera decides to capture. The coquina beach is immediately south of Marineland and has a large dirt parking lot, and a boardwalk as well. Have fun.

Donna Luker said...

Thanks so much for the detailed directions, John. We're just 5min off 95 at the St Johns exit, so this is a very easy drive for me, with lots of time to scout locations on the way to the coquina beach.