Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Near my home there are two lakes that I pass every day.   Round Lake is the one that's most accessible, and where I've taken the most photographs.  Walton Lake is much more difficult to photograph because there is no road shoulder to stop on, and the only two places one can park are a great distance away from the most interesting subjects.  But, last weekend I was seduced by fog and the puddled ice, and hiked here with the camera.  I've long wanted to photograph this tree, and did once in a way I wasn't happy with, but fog allowed it to be isolated from the background, and me to be happy to make this image.  It seems so lonely and fragile, but I'm sure it's happy where it is, and will thrive and grow for decades.


dvoss said...

Delicate. Birds will land in it's branches and keep it company, and the water sing little songs to it. Lovely image.

John Voss said...

Thank you. Such a precarious place to live, but I think it will thrive for many decades.