Saturday, January 26, 2013

Once again I found myself at Round Lake with the camera last week.  If you saw the lake today, you'd see ice fisherman sitting on their stools, some with what look like porta-potties for shelter, and others just sitting with their ice augers beside them and fishing poles in hand.  We've had a spell of intense arctic air, and the temperatures are at or below 0 degrees Farenheit at night.  Now the ice is thick and will last a long time.  It also has a thin coat of snow, so the once interesting surface is a sheet of flat, white stuff void of detail and visual interest.

But, last week, when this photograph was taken, the lake hadn't made much of a commitment to  solidity, and anyone venturing out on it would have gotten very wet, very quickly.  I've no idea how these radiating breaks in the ice occur, but they give ample warning to humans, at least, to stay on shore. 

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