Monday, January 21, 2013

Monroe, NY is barely a blip on the map. It's a  commuter town about 50+ miles from NYC.  There isn't a lot of visual appeal here....a small business district that some moron thought would be more attractive if 'modernized'.  So charming, but elderly storefronts were demolished, and contemporary facades were substituted.  There's simply zero character left save one stroke of genius.  The Goose Pond!!  It is a very popular park as well as true haven for geese! They flock here in great numbers littering the ground with their 'presence'!!

One foggy morning recently, which is a rarity in itself, found me near this mile and a half path for walkers and joggers that circumscribes the banks of the pond.  It was foggy, and icy, and tempting enough for me to get out the gear and go for a walk until I chose this to photograph.

Update:  Yesterday, February 4th. all these trees were cut down, chopped up, and carted away.  I was so sad to see that happen.  It just seems that the town fathers in Monroe can't abide charm and beauty, and do whatever they can to expunge it. 

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