Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm not sure how many times I've photographed Round Lake, but it has been often.  It's an easy place to visit, being close by, and as I pass it every day I witness its infinite variations.  The lake is beautiful in fog, in evening and morning light, in winter snow and ice, in calm and still air, and in seasonal color.  It has been the subject of probably the most extensive series of images I've made that I'm happy with.  I expect I'll get around to assembling all the prints I've made over the last several years, and offer them to any local venue that would like to show them.

This one is from late October.  If I were a slave to photoshop I'd have cloned out the leaves on the water, but, as I'm not, I chose to let them remain as I found them.  I've just made a darkroom print of this and it reveals even more leaves than you see in this scan.  Verite! 

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