Thursday, October 11, 2012

As I no longer make small (8X10) prints, most of the images that are posted here are negative scans that attempt to emulate their paper print doppelgangers.  But, this is a print scan from a negative I made a bunch of years ago.  I like it enough to want to reprint it in the manner I now utilize that will crop from the original (as has been done here), and be lightly toned in thiocarbamide and selenium.

For photography, skeletal trees are far more interesting in their winter dormancy than during their leafy lives.  Of course, in autumn, the riot of their color is irresistible, but so tenuous that only the memory of their brilliance remains. Their symmetry, shape, and elegance is best revealed when they're shorn of their 'other' season's cloak.

This site is close to the former home of my all-time dearest cello student who witnessed it every winter day.  I just got it down on film and paper.  Here's to you, kiddo!!


Gail said...

Oh, there is no mistaking that view! From my living room windows [towards the front and right] in Arden. I lived there as a teen through high school, and then lived there with Steve and our kids for 19 years, from 1990 until we bought the Shack in '09. I see that 'scape in my dreams, it brings me comfort. I love this photo. it reminds me of the very best of what I love about that town. Yet another gift you've given me! I found this on your blog today, the very day we discovered that Steve does Not have thyroid cancer, we've been waiting weeks for a definitive answer. That answer came early this morning. This has been a joyous day :o)
I will never forget this particular view, or You! I miss your brand of wit and humor.

John Voss said...

Dear Gail...I am thrilled at your good news and happiness. Sooooo glad Steve is without the big C. Love ya, and best wishes always!!