Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's not easy to find the best light and weather conditions for other than post card photographs in the full sun of summer.  There's rarely any fog, mist, or other interesting phenomena once the sun is fairly high.  I ended up driving a very long way to find anything that interested me.  I made these just north of the "Hawks Nest" scenic roadway along the Delaware River within a state park.


Marc Akemann said...

It is definitely a challenge to do photography in the middle of the day in summer, but, you did it!

Last night I spent some time looking at all 5.5 years of your blog. Just absolutely wonderful work, John. Your photographic style was exactly what I needed and helped me wind down for the day. Thanks.

Marc Akemann said...
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John Voss said...

Thank you very much, Mark. It's a wonderful compliment for you to have taken time with my work. Thanks again!