Sunday, February 26, 2012

This past Friday brought us our first modest snowfall so far this winter.  What made it special visually was that the air was enough above freezing for there to be fog, and a kind of misty drizzle persisted throughout the day.  For monochrome photography, those are among the best possible conditions.

We drove out to Montgomery, NY where I was eager to visit the horse farm again with snow on the ground, and that's the image with the trees and fence.  (There are several posts below of this scene in different conditions.).  The second image was made just around the corner from the first at a town park that has a lake, benches, and this little dwarf pine. Irresistible!  Best of all, though, was that I never had to shovel a single flake, and all had melted from the driveway by the end of the day.  Yes!!

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