Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's interesting to revisit negatives I made years ago.  I'm a better photographer now, but the images I made then still attract me albeit subject to revision.  The revision in this is a cropping that I've thought about for a few years.  I once bought into the notion that the entire negative was "sacred" even to the point of printing the rebate along with the image to prove the authenticity of the original vision.  I've long since abandoned that notion as being a silly kind of virtuoso artistic macho that doesn't serve artistic growth .  It was necessary when contact printing an image from a large, or ultra large negative, but certainly not when enlarging from a medium format, or 4x5 negative. 

I made the photograph below in 2001 at Watkins Glen.  I was amazed at the gorgeous gorges, and deeply impressed at the power of water to sculpt rock that during the brevity of our lives looks to be utterly impervious to erosion. 

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