Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One of the "art" imperatives of this era is the series.  It's not enough that there are a dozen excellent, interesting, but disparate images..."they must be related" is the mandate of  the current arbiters of artistic practice.  To make a lone, one off image is to demonstrate a lack of artistic vision I suppose.  Still, there is merit to the discipline of making related images that form a coherent body of work.  I have seen some dreadfully contrived, hurry-up-and-finish examples of such work that have been published, but an authentic series takes a lot of time. Seasons, and years may pass until a group of images exemplify genuine variations on the theme.

So here is yet another of my multi-year series of black dirt region photographs.  They have that region's trademark homage to irrigation canals, furrowed land, and dark rich soil.  The photographs that comprise this ongoing series are all similar, but unique.  Here is one more. 

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