Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's winter enough that being outdoors for long periods of time with the camera isn't too appealing.  I know people go to Iceland, Antarctica, and a host of other places with snow and winter weather, but at the moment where I live the winter is visually boring, and drab during the few hours a day when I actually could make a photograph.  So...I've been looking through piles of older negatives for ones that I've not gotten around to assessing, and what's below is one of them.  It' was taken in a park that has gone through a major renovation, and this view is no longer there.  It seems to be a sad symptom of what we in America all too often insist is necessary to justify the expense of rehabilitating a public space, that it be given a purpose which, in rural areas, is usually sport related.  So, here is a scene gone by.

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