Friday, December 9, 2011

I used to live a few miles from where I stopped last week to make this photograph.  It was taken from a little park in Peekskill (say that fast a few times!) just beside the Indian Point nuclear reactor...and I mean BESIDE the reactor.  I could have thrown a rock at one of the out buildings.  The Hudson River is rather narrow here having just made a sharp bend from due north to sharply west for a while. This is why there are some serious issues with its' effluent which is much warmer than the river's normal temperature.
But, those issues aside, the afternoon light was diffused in late autumn haze, and quite beautiful and I enjoyed being there after many years away.  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A mile or two from our house is a field that's been vacant for as long as I've known it.  Recently, I guess, it changed owners, and the new landlord is clearly a Christian.  It's easy to drive past this scene and not notice the crucifix (or small sign  "God's Little Acre" ) because the value of the cross is so similar to the surrounding grasses and more distant trees.  But, I did, and stopped for a while to make this photograph.