Friday, May 6, 2011

The all too brief season of flowering trees and early leaves is upon us here in the Hudson Valley. The greening is progressing rapidly, and is discernible daily.  I'm amazed I haven't driven off the road, or into a tree for all the staring into the woods that I do going to and from work.  I've known where to find the dogwood trees below from having visited this spot in other years, but now there are a number of signs designating the area as a US Army live firing range with trespass forbidden. The gunnery is actually quite a way into the tract of land, and very far from the public road that borders it by the Hudson River, but it's off limits nonetheless.  So...of course that's where the best camera bait is located, hence I ran the very remote risk of being arrested by federal police while making these 'graphs.  It's interesting how doing that sort of thing is kind of exciting, and makes the experience all the more intense. 

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