Monday, April 4, 2011

It's damn difficult to make a waterfall photograph without it being a cliche.  I've been photographing this one in Harriman State Park since I moved to the Hudson Valley in the late '70's, and it's always been a joy to look at and a challenge to photograph.  Of course, just about anything in nature has been photographed countless times so trying to say something unique isn't a worthwhile enterprise.  What matters is that the image is worthwhile to the photographer, and I think these two may be to me.  Of the 20 negatives exposed using three different lenses (55, 105 and 135) and two different shutter speeds (1/15th, and 1/60th), these are the only two I'm willing to share.  I will return to this subject again many times I'm sure before we move south eventually.  It's an old friend I'll always remember it fondly, and as with any old friend, it's nice to have pictures of!

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