Friday, February 25, 2011

Of late, and as described previously, I've been revisiting old negatives some of which have been printed before.  It's just amazing, though, how I see some of  these images in a very different way now than I did when I took them.  I regard cropping and recomposing my original conception as a valid and appropriate exercise. Other photographers see that as heresy...a failure of original vision, as if, in some otherworldly state of omniscience, complete perfection was imperative from the moment of exposure.  Well then, I'm guilty of that sin, but, I think it's one I shall not beat a "mea culpa" on my chest about.  Here then are a couple of photographs that I will work on in the darkroom tomorrow.  One has been posted here, I think, a long time ago in a very different way, and the other is posted for the first time.  I hope you like them. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Once again, it snowed last night.  It was a fluffy, easy to shovel snow, but it was snow nonetheless.  And it is no longer welcome despite its fresh beauty.  It's been a hard winter for us.  We're not used to being tasked so regularly to wield the tools to clear the stuff, and if we slack off about it, the chore becomes that much more difficult as it softens and refreezes into an icier, and really intractable mess. On days like this the computer goes directly to the real estate sites that catalog what's "for sale" in the part of Florida we intend to move to eventually. "Eventually" seems waaaaay to uncertain a date at the moment. 

 So here is a photograph from 2004 of our back woods in very early spring.  It's a pleasure to look at today when this scene is white and wood.  We can hardly wait!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've had the pleasure of revisiting older work as I've not had the time to create new.  It's really interesting how the incubation and development of one's perception of a creative artifact/image unfolds.  I like these two photographs a lot more now than when I took them, and, to be honest, I've cropped them somewhat from the 4x5 compostions of the original negatives.  It gives the lie, to me at least, that vintage work is somehow more authentic and valuable to gallerists/dealers than more considered and mature work that shows up much later.

But, that aside, these two images represent a soon to be season that is incredibly welcome to us who used to think we inhabited a temperate climate of gentle seasons,. WRONG!  Spring just can't come soon enough and to hell with the damn Punxatawny bigasss rat who may indicate otherwise!