Monday, November 23, 2009

This past weekend was so springlike that, if you closed your eyes to the fallen leaves and November light, you would have thought you were enjoying a late April day. I decided to visit GPMSP* with the 4x5 (which I've not used for quite a while) to photograph these particular trees in this particular way. I've thought of both of them as an homage to Michael Kenna's Retrospective Two, but with a sardonic poke at the contemporary photofashionistas who seem to decry unalloyed beauty, and demand irony in the only work they insist is currently worthy.

*Goose Pond Mountain State Park


jervo said...

Both of these are fantastic! It's so neat to see you working with an aggressive compositional approach.

John Voss said...

Thanks, Jeremy. I hadn't thought of these works as "aggressive", but rather as strongly heavily influenced by Michael Kenna. But, hey, if you see "aggressive", then that must be there as well. Thanks for the comment!