Monday, April 20, 2009

Living where we do, spring gets sprung a bit later...maybe a week or two...than it does closer to NYC. The early vivid green of nascent leaves and swollen buds on a warm and sunbathed day is palpably thrilling. I found myself wandering near where our gallery is located (Montgomery, NY) and drove to several places I'd thought might yield promising camera fodder, and was happy to discover what you see here. These are negative scans that I've photoshopped to resemble the toning they'll get when prints are made. The toning will be a light bleaching in a dilute potassium ferricyanide and potassium bromide solution, and then a brief bath in thiocarbamide with sodium hydroxide controller followed by selenium 1:10 with generous washing between steps. For certain subjects, I think the warmth added by the toning is very welcome. (BTW, I was using the P67 with a 135mm lens for these which I've cropped to the more squarish presentation I prefer. )

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wgjewel said...

I have been planning to photo the same curling,waving(etc.) nature of branches for possible abstract pastel drawings. A good springboard for further meditation and observation.
Odd that we are both on the same page at the same time.
I will be going to the Head Temple Taisekiji, Japan in August to seek enlightenment in my present form aka " just as I am"..aka " I yam what I yam".PETSM
Mount Fuji might make an appearance.
Will keep you in mind.