Monday, March 9, 2009

Here are another three from yesterday (March 8th) at Goose Pond Mountain State Park. I've returned here over and over again for several years now, and I recognize in photographing it, the same mentality I seem to exhibit when I buy clothes. Blue, denim, khaki., blue, denim, khaki, white., blue, denim, khaki, white with stripes, black, black black...etc. etc. These negative scans may become prints eventually. They're 6x7 negatives that I've cropped to my nearly obsessively favored squares. They will almost certainly end up being toned with thiocarbamide and selenium, so what you see here isn't really what they'll look like. And...I've Photo Shopped them a good bit in the manner I will likely utilize when I'm printing them for real, so they're not really pure scans at all. Anyway...the joy is in the discovery and the execution, and the next best part is yet to come, i.e. the darkroom. I would abandon photography in a heartbeat if I had no recourse but a completely digital continuum. The irony is that digitizing film is my absolute first choice in previewing negatives...I've not made a contact sheet in years. But, after that, the "real" photographic process begins for me, and I get to retreat to my warm, and cozy darkroom. Will the weekend never come! ;-)

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