Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've signed up for a portfolio review at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, which is a wonderful institution through which I've had the privilege of attending workshops by the photographers Mark Klett, and Mark Citret a number of years ago. This review will demand no fewer than 20 photographs with 25 suggested as an even better portfolio size. There will be five reviewers I will get to select among twenty who will discuss my images with me. They, of course, will expect to see a "body of work" which means that the photographs need to be at least vaguely related by subject, or be a series that comprises a specific project. I emphatically do not think of myself as a "project" photographer, although I do think a thematic link among the pieces selected is a good idea.

In any case, I am combing my files to assemble a set of negatives to print again, or for the first time that will make a worthy body of work to offer the reviewers in addition to my current new photographs which I have very pointedly made with a thematic link in mind.

So, the image below is one of those combed from the negative files I've not printed thus far. It's from Goose Pond Mountain State Park where I have made countless negatives that far exceed the time I have available to print the bulk of them. But....I like this one cropped a bit as it is from a 4x5 neg that is wonderfully sharp and crystal clear. I have no idea at this point if it will make the cut of photographs I choose to present, but at the moment...I like it!

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Gail said...

>>>This review will demand no fewer than 20 photographs with 25 suggested as an even better portfolio size. >>>
John,I am so sorry I missed this,you must be so excited! You are really a unique person,to have that much talent in 2 seemingly different areas. The music, your ears and your hands,the photography,you eyes and hands. I look forward to reading more about your prep for the review.To be reviewed by The Center for Photography,just Wow! I'll go google Mark Klett.....Mark Citret,my sister turned me on to him. I always loved Ansel Adams,and didn't realize Mark was a student of his until I googled it :o) Do you think you'll show your process of gathering your portfolio in your blog? WOW ! :o) Congrats !